Reclaimed Wood Desk

What are features are you looking for when choosing your office desk? As a basic requirement, they need to be durable to last for a long time and handle loads of abuse in the years that it will be used. At the same time, it needs to be an addition to the overall aesthetic value of the room since the desk is the center piece of the room.

A quick solution for this case is the reclaimed wood desk. Reclaimed lumber have proven to be a great source of wood furniture that are durable, sturdy and most of all a very good piece of interior décor just like the expensive antique wood desk.


Reclaimed Wood As A Desk

Reclaimed wood as a desk? The word “reclaimed” should not discourage any potential buyer because one reclaimed and wood are associated, you are in for a great selection of the finest lumber products that men and Mother Nature have produced to date.

  • A desk reclaimed wood is perfect because it can cater to every need of a busy office without hinting any signs of degradation for a long period of time. So what made them a recommended material to be used as desk?


Cocrete Top With Reclaimed Wood Desk

It is important to learn where they came from to fully appreciate their potential as an office investment.

  • Reclaimed lumber came from logs that were salvaged from the river during the years when timber was abundant, inexpensive and strong. It was also the primary material used to build farms and other building structures because they are known to be strong enough that can withstand the test of time.


  • The long leaf pine and chestnut were the abundant source of wood during the industrial revolution. They are not only preferred because of their abundance, but also for their natural ability to resist molds and insects. They retained these natural characteristics after being used for more than a century and in time, they are considered as antique woods that offer the finest quality of wood when it comes to its overall texture and appearance.


Qualifying As A Desk

A person who is looking for a desk has basic requirements in mind.

  • As much as possible, they will look for functional and stylish office furniture. Being the focal point of a room, a desk should represent the person seated.

Nowadays, contemporary designs would suggest metal and aluminum made office desks as the primary choice but reclaimed wood desk can still give their money a go for it.

  • The aesthetic value of a reclaimed wood office desk is uniquely different but at the same time competitive with its modern counterparts. The natural beauty of wood has a very commanding presence inside a room and will have minimum effort to incorporate the rest of the furniture inside.


Reclaimed Wood Table Design Ideas

In conclusion, the reclaimed wood is not only limited as a wood desk or a writing desk. There is a wide market for reclaimed wood table and they offer the same promises as a desk would. Common items in and out of a house can be done with reclaimed lumber. Pricing can arguably be the least of the concern because you know that you will get your money’s worth once you see a lifeless room turns into a replica of the oval office. The reclaimed wood desk is an assurance that you made the right investment that can serve the intended purpose for a long time.

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