Ways on How to Use Old Wood

With the focus on saving our planet many are looking to new ways to re-use old wood. The solutions are endless when you start thinking about it and can be used in any area of the home and business. It’s a great option for those on a budget who need to be crafty, or those who want to add a rustic touch throughout the home.

Best Ways on How to Use Old Wood

Below you will find several ways on how to use old wood around the house.

The ways on how to use old wood help combine practical use and other benefits and options.

  • From old doors to barnyard wood, you can make furniture, storage areas, flooring, and creative decorations for the home.
  • Using larger slabs of wood, or the wooden top of an old desk or table, you can create a beautiful reclaimed wood desk by adding some wrought iron legs and a coat of stain.
  • If the piece is big enough, you can turn it into a dining table by adding glass on top and some sturdy legs to hold it up.


Barns and Building

A lot of people like to get their hands on wood from old barns or similar buildings that have been torn down. The wood has a lovely weathered look to it that you just can’t get through modern processing.

  • Some of the boards can be turned into a nice cabinet door for the kitchen with the addition of some iron handles and hinges.


Boxes and Crates

Old wooden boxes and crates are another great find for reclaiming wood.

  • Depending on the material, shape, and size they can be turned into stackable shelving frames for storage, decorative trays, or simple furniture pieces like end tables.
  • Have left over wood cabinets from a recent kitchen refurb? Don’t throw them away! A bit of paint or stain and you can turn it on its side to create an end table with a closeable book case underneath.


Vintage Doors

Old vintage wood doors are another great find if you are looking to add a bit of rustic warmth in the home.

  • You can reclaim a door to use in the home by adding mirrors in the indented areas, giving you a functional door that makes a room look larger.
  • Or add a mirror and a rack underneath to use in your entryway.
  • Something fun for the kids room would be to use chalkboard paint on an old vintage door and allow them to let their creativity out. This works well to create a message center for the family where you can leave notes too.


How To Make Your Own Reclaimed Wood Desk

Wooden Pallets

One of the biggest finds is wooden pallets and shipping crates.

  • Shipping crates tend to use beech wood which can be re-purposed for gorgeous wood flooring.
  • Treated wooden pallets can also be used to create decking in the garden.

If you long for a garden but you lack the space, pallets can be turned into handy vertical garden planters which won’t take up much space.

  • Another idea would be to add a glass top and some caster wheels to a good sized pallet or crate for a mobile coffee table.
  • Wood can also be recycled into wood tiles for the wall which look lovely in the bathroom and will retain warmth better than cold ceramic tiles.

The ways on how to use old wood are limitless when you really stop and think about it and you can have a lot of fun trying out new ideas. Your imagination and creativity will bring out a new perspective on old wood. You can find more inspiration on how to revive old wood in magazines, tv shows and online research.